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Finding Help

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Northern B.C.

Each year, local governments that host a gaming facility receive a 10% share of the net income those facilities generate. Last year, five Host Local Governments in Northern BC received $5.29 million to invest in their communities through initiatives like the elevator at the Terrace Public Library, community grants in Prince George and Prince Rupert, the Pomeroy Sports Centre in Fort St. John, or to support tourism in Dawson Creek. To find out how Host Local Governments in Northern BC play it forward with their share of provincial gaming revenue, see below.

BCLC 2010 Winter Games Dome

With B.C.’s Lower Mainland being the main hub for the 2010 Olympic excitement, this travelling, multi-sensory experience ensured people all over B.C. got to enjoy the excitement and spirit of the Winter Games, regardless of location.

Calvin Kruk Centre for the Arts 

The recently completed venue, a vision of the late Mayor Calvin Kruk, is a hub for arts of all kinds in Dawson Creek, with a range of classes for residents and an auditorium that offers up a stage to talented local and travelling performers. The centre took over five years to complete, and the city used $2.3 million of its share of provincial gaming revenue, generated at Chances Dawson Creek, to help give the centre the final push to open in the fall of 2014.

Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)

CMHA is dedicated to achieving their vision of having “healthy people in a healthy society” through a number of initiatives supported through Community Gaming Grants. Programs like the “Connected By 25” in the Interior offer important life skills to at-risk youth transitioning out of government programs to ensure their safety and well-being as they become independent adults.

Music ‘91

The Province of B.C.’s Music ’91 initiative brought high-profile acts to communities large and small during B.C.’s Year of Music. The touring festival, sponsored by BCLC, took an impressive lineup of performers – from Canadian favourites Rita MacNeil and BTO to the legendary Johnny Cash and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – to every corner of B.C., letting British Columbians enjoy the acts regardless of the size of their community.

Pomeroy Sports Centre

Dubbed “The Energetic City,” it’s fitting that Fort St. John invests its share of provincial gaming revenue into recreation facilities and programs. In the past five years, $4.3 million of funds generated at the local casino has gone towards the Pomeroy Sport Centre, helping people in the local community stay active and fit.

Prince George Ice Rink Improvements

With nearly 20 outdoor community ice rinks in Prince George, skating is definitely a favourite pastime in the community. Providing skill-building and important leadership skills to kids through hockey and figure skating programs, and letting residents of all ages stay active and outdoors through the winter, the City of Prince George uses some of its share of provincial gaming revenue from the local casino to help with rink improvements.

Prince George Recycling and Environmental Action Planning Society

REAPs champions waste reduction through community outreach in the Prince George area. Because of a $26,000 Community Gaming Grant in 2014, the organization can continue to expand their educational programs, including school recycling seminars, garden workshops and compost programs for local residents.

Prince George Symphony Orchestra

The Prince George Symphony Orchestra, started in the late 1960s by a group of amateur local musicians, has grown into a semi-professional orchestral group, boasting the talents of a professional core that plays alongside community musicians and features out-of-town performers when needed. With over $110,000 invested through the Community Gaming Grant program, the organization keeps orchestral music in the city and surrounding communities going strong.

Rick Hansen Man In Motion World Tour 

In 1985, Rick Hansen began his epic world tour, cycling across 34 countries to raise funds to find a cure for spinal cord injury. BCLC was proud to give Rick’s cause a boost with over $5 million generated from gaming right here in his home province of B.C.

UNBC Connector Trail 

University of Northern British Columbia students, as well as Prince George locals, can readily enjoy the outdoors thanks to the 40-kilometre-long UNBC connector trail. In 2011, The City of Prince George used $26,000 of its share of provincial gaming revenue to fund this hiking, biking, and horseback riding trail.

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Terrance Library Upgrades

The library is a valued community space in the township of Terrace, as it’s regarded as a safe and welcoming facility that supports lifelong learning. An injection of $40,000 of provincial gaming revenue from Chances Terrace connected the library with the art gallery on the lower level - elevating the complete learning experience for locals, in the process.

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