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Claim a Prize

Congratulations, you’ve won! Below is all the information you’ll need to know, but first sign the front of your ticket.

Most retailers can pay prizes up to $200 and at their discretion pay prizes between $200 and $999.99.

For all other inquires, call BCLC Customer Support at 1-866-815-0222.

Prize Value:

Retailers may, at their discretion, pay prizes up $999.99. Would you like to include these in your search results?

Please note, if you are a lottery retailer or BCLC employee prizes over $3,000.00 must be claimed only at either of the BCLC Offices - Kamloops or Vancouver.

We first recommend that you contact Consumer Services in B.C. by phone on our toll-free line 1-866-815-0222. A Group Release Form must accompany any group claim for $10,000 or greater of three or more people.


Pull Tabs can only be paid out on the same day the ticket was purchased at the location where the ticket was sold.